Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh, A Pretty Dress !

a great pleasure that often comes with choosing from the flotsam and jetsam of life, from the uncountable objects of enterprise is.....
offering for sale a lovely dress or 2 or 100...
and when someone finds one I have for sale, and buys it, and then loves it so much, they want to wear it immediately and then....they send me a picture...
well, That just makes my day!

(I still love everyone who buys something from me, because without you, dearest buyer, I am nothing...well, that is a bit dramatic, but you understand)
Recently 2 gals bought spring frocks and sent me pics.

I'm late getting to this but I am so happy to have met Ang over the internet, courtesy of etsy. She's from the Bay Area (yeah!) and she bought this stunningly beautiful dress from me.

This is an 80s dress that is inspired by the New Look of Dior's late 40s collection. Dior used yards and yards of fabric because he could, after years of WWII wartime restrictions on fabric and style of fashions.

So not only does this dress have yards of fabric, it has one of the most beautiful fabrics ever designed. It was done by Karin Stevens. It was for sale as yardage in addition to being used for dresses and home accessories. I run into this dress 3 or 4 times a year, and I often see picture frames and pillows with snippets of it.
It has pink and burgundy peonies, and periwinkle wisteria. Rare, I tell you since I am a horder and treasure-hunter of dreamily beauteous floral prints.

Another pleasure I have is to find a fun day know, the kind of dress that doesn't go to big formal events...the kind of dress for the daily grind or marketing, errand-running, and perhaps a toddler playdate or PTA meeting. It's the kind of dress that bridges the gap between jeans and tshirt and a dinner date.

Here's darling Kristin and her date for the day, wearing a comfy cotton late 50s/early 60s day dress. In Kristin's other life besides being a mom (I presume) to an adorable little boy, she makes funky cute pet tags. I shall be going to her etsy shop and purchasing one...when she returns from the madness of remodeling her home. (I fully understand that..I just moved and I'm putting stuff away)

Her shop is Pure Panache Pets. Please join her email list so you'll know right away when she returns. All I can say is, that her prices are great and the tags are uniquely cute.
Click her feedback link to see her Sold tags, and then just drool !

Here's the Tacoma part of this post !
I moved my storage of special vintage to the shop, I'm sorting and pricing, and creating new displays, and we'll likely be closed until Wednesday May 20....and of course I am stupidly excited about the opening day of Tacoma's Farmer's Market...Broadway edition on Thursday May 21st.
I'll have plants and pots and other gardeny type things for sale on that tote bags made of vintage fabric and birdhouses, plant shelves and bring the outside world inside or heck, leave it all out...because, 'round these parts, we don't get enough of the beautiful world outside our homes and offices....
I'm working on moving my newest old stuff out to the sales floor...and in a day or 2 I'll start publishing my garden column.
Some of you know I used to have an organic farm, published a garden column, and sold at the Gig Harbor Farmer's Market in the early 90s.
Thanks for loving funkoma vintage...and making the trek down our street, even though the City of Tacoma has done everything in its power to kill all the businesses on our block.