Saturday, February 7, 2009


Craig’s death prompted passionate outpourings of grief from the many artists, city employees and small business owners he came to know throughout his many years in Tacoma. Craig was considered a pioneer in the Tacoma arts scene, opening the funky RampArt gallery and antique shop in 2004 to dozens of avant-garde and emerging painters, photographers, video artists and sculptors who were invited to show and sell their works in his affordable gallery. Craig was known to work hard by day and to play hard at night, endearing him to the local urban denizens and night owls. Matt Nagle/Tacoma Weekly

To memorialize, to celebrate his life, to mourn the loss of our long-time friend and business partner, funkoma vintage and Rampart will have music, food and fun with local musician
Steve Stefanowicz !

In June 2008, Glen Ripple, Mark and Tressie Schindele revived the beloved building, clubhouse/wacky parlor, known in Rampart. We have many delightful memories of Rampart and Steve and some are family-safe and some are not.
It's not easy being cheesy and Steve stayed true to the Tacoma of our moldy dreams.

Now, at funkoma vintage and Rampart redux, we are sad, yet proud and resigned to the fact that we'll only have Steve Craig in our memories and nightmares.

Please join us this Third Thursday Artwalk, February 19, Music from 5 pm to 7 till it's time to leave......Fun, Food and Music !

here's a picture of Alan Gorsuch in Steve's apartment after he died (Steve not Alan!) I stole the pic from the TNT....