Sunday, January 25, 2009

Handpainted Donkey Mexican Vintage Skirt

is one of the cutest things I've found in a long time! These skirts are usually painted with Aztec symbols or guitars, big florals, or cactus. They were made of cotton and painted for tourists in fun colorful Mexican motifs that would be a wearable memory of a 50s warm and sunny vacation. The style of the time was a big circle...just perfect for dancing and being impressive with a huge crinoline underneath.

Until January 28, '09, this one is for auction at ebay.....

Most vintage mexican skirts I've seen were made of an odd black velvet decorated with sequins. Sometimes you can find them with a matching top. Worn alone or together they make a darling ensemble for a party or a patio barbeque! The vintage handpainted Mexican skirt is wearable everyday...such fun to brighten up the day while shopping or running errands, and special enough for a casual dinner out with the family.

Here's a few other Mexican hand-made items found in the last year.

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