Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Art at Work's some art, here's some work

A snippet view into my "studio"...Where the Magik Happens!"

too drunk to put on proper eye makeup, Gladsby's pal, Japanese 50s Elf watches over the doings....

Hi ! vintage Beistle paper skeleton welcomes you in ...

Just follow the Hand...Its cousin is Thing...

Hi! Welcome to funkoma vintage....I got all dressed up for you and put on eye makeup and a fancy dress !!

Here's my "window view of the country and uh, Seattle"....some stuff I made....really blows your mind, huh?

My friend Pee Wee, a kind of, unofficial Rampart mascot..."art", clock says 4:30, so break time is over.

The Heartbeat of bloggerville. Look, I'm looking at my Facehole page. awwww....Did you notice both a cup of coffee, and a fresh martini?? yup, that's how I roll....

A vintage car crash or 2, my favorite new hat, a scanner I'll hook up someday, vintage ice skates, skeleton wrapping paper....just the usual office wall decor....I love my dangly Puritan Shayne made for me when he was about 6 or cute....John Lennon's head in a rusty Tonka toy.

Behind me, a couple of chairs....a vintage "rocking horse"...needs new legs (nahh)...file cabinet I got from Annie where I file my denim...and junk...Roller skates listed on etsy. You can sit here when you come to visit.

Ok, that's all for now...I'll show you the other side another time...the photog area, the sewing desk, the tables chock full of crap that I make into Real Cool Stuff!

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