Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Voted. I'm Famous. Love This Blog, Decorno.

I voted this morning for Jim Merrittttt!! I really really like Marilyn Strickland. But, I want Tacoma ruled by a person of Merit....and I don't want Tacoma ruled by Strictness.
#2. I want Marilyn to stay on the council with Jake Fey!! Next year for Halloween ...instead of Jake dressing like the current Mayor, he can be, uh, a disgraced Judge. And Marilyn can dress up as Jim Merritt !

I was asked this morning if I am Tressie. Yes, I am. They probably wanted to serve me some legal papers. I deserve it I guess. My comments are very close to libel and slander, but not exactly, because I am a comedian. I was sent to the principal's office many many many times as a child. Thank God my mom was A Big Wheel in Yountville, or I'd a had to stay after school and bang erasers or something.

Please go make Decorno a favorite blog of yours. She's in Seattle. Don't be bitter. She writes the most clever and smart stuff about design and art, mostly really nice comfortable homes that aren't precious and unattainable, but rather homes that a person of ordinary $$$ could achieve, pretty much. Sometimes she goes off the deep end, design-wise, but then everyone has to ooooh and aaaah at the things Big Money can buy. (I don't mean the downfall of Judges, tho.)
And she has fun blog friends. And she gets the whole NW-thing. And she links to The Stranger too.

and thank you RR Anderson. The only nice Anderson in Tacoma. (hate mail!!)(I'll stop being mean to Julie...she is a Greener for crying out loud...Go Goeducks!!)

Cripes, the looks I'm gonna get...I should make 22cents with the increase in hits!!
I can't comment on the feedtacoma blog because Kevin hasn't given me a new password. Probably an oversight. So I get to say what I want. And I'll say things most people won't. That's my job. How many of you have been kicked off local Tacoma blogs? I have !!!
That and making very cool stuff...like cashmere underwear. You didn't think of that now did you?

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