Friday, October 9, 2009

One of my lifelong dreams...

is to live in a house that is big and old and decrepit......
The Addams Family is a Manual for Living....according to me.

Here is my fave post of the week...Feral Houses.
I lived in a big feral house once (not counting the places I've lived that were downright falling apart, since, when you are poor, you take what you can get...)
This house that is my alltime favorite was a big falling-down house my ex and 2 of my 3 kids lived in behind the Jack In The Box on Trancas St. I'm sure it's torn down now.

The house had 4 bedrooms, a huge dining room, 1 bathroom, and a glass solarium greenhouse at the back. From that room you could go to the backyard which was about a 1/2 acre. There was an abandoned garden with old fruit trees, an arbor, a small fish pond and beds and borders of all the old-fashioned flowers I love...
trailing roses, peonies, calla lillies, lilacs, viburnums, daisies, foxgloves and campanulas, delphiniums and larkspur, hollyhocks and rhubarb, cardoon and ferns.
It had red brick paths laced with thyme and moss.

It was owned by some folks that owned a big business in Napa, but that family name escapes me now. They were rich, and really nice people. So, I know that landlords don't have to be assholes, but they usually are and they choose to be assholes. When you're rich one of the luxuries you can enjoy without losing any money is the freedom to be kind.

pictures via dornob

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