Monday, July 6, 2009

When I say No Budget and Found...I meant it!

Now this is the kind of stuff that intrigues me...a sweet and lovely idea of a bed made with discarded pallets...oh do I know of pallets! A house I lived in in Steilacoom just before I opened the deli was made of pallets and Army ammo boxes. It was weird and stumpy.
From Design*Sponge comes this Before & After by Ashley Campbell of ashley ann photography. And a door headboard too. The simple white works well with the light wood and the punch of pretty colors. I especially love the coasters..Imagine the fun a child could have with this! Practical, hard to wreck and mobile too!


Anonymous said...

what pallet house are you talking about? I don't remember living in one of pallets and army boxes???-Jan

propriatress said...

..the first house we lived in in steilacoom...with Nicole's horse across the street...The walls were mostly covered with plywood instead of sheetrock...the backyard shed had its deck made of pallets taken apart...that was really cute...the ceilings were about 6'8"...drove your dad nuts!