Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hi Blog, Hi Faithful Readers...I can hear you breathing...

I haven't posted anything anywhere lately...I have been super busy with work aka.....The Shop, and listing stuff on feebay and etsy, and selling so that keeps me busy. And..........we're moving !
We have been cleaning out a basement apartment and I just gave my landlord notice, so it is really gonna happen! Moving is a pain! But the good news is...I get to do that Spring clean I was telling you about...oh wait I didn't ...... So, Basement apartment. It's a little over 300 square feet. tiny eh?
Well, with the shop I don't need much living space.
I love living in a weird space, and my apt overlooking the Tacoma Dome was swell, except for the rats living in the garden and the filthy people who drop their garbage all over, and the last flippin' straw was.
There were 10,000 idling cars after BRITNEY BITCH and her concert (that lasted all of 45 minutes!!!) (I know...girls were returning to their cars at 10:46 pm !!)
So my apt overlooking the Tacoma Dome filled up with car exhaust and it was stinky as hell for 2 days. Not to mention my screaming f'n headache.
So I am ready to go. Every time there is a concert here, my apt. fills up with exhaust from all those people who drive to the Dome, because there is no public transportation.
No city bus. No Sounder. No Greyhound. nothing. nada. Must Drive SUV !!

My digs keep getting smaller and smaller. That's fine. In about 2 years Mark and I will blow this Pop Stand and do something else. Fuck, we might even move to Seattle!!
So I will update you on the cleaning the decorating and the special problems and solvings we must do to move in. Let's tag it: Something From Nothing.
There is a bathroom but no kitchen sink....yet. No counters. No storage. No stove. No w/d. No refrigerator. The ceilings are 15 feet tall though. It's an Art Project. An experiment in guerilla squatting in a space that did not cost 350,000 dollars. But we will have granite counters. It will be fun!
Here is a pic of my former home on N. 21st.

Happy Easter. Thanks for killing Jesus, and rolling away the stone. Yes, let's Live Again and be happy for Second Chances.

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