Monday, February 9, 2009

Whilst waiting for my nail polish to dry...

I find that a Tacoma escort was interviewed to find out if The Sex Trade is suffering in the Bush Hangover Economy............& whilst I was surfing the Web....not like the Economy serfs the worker.....and in a discussion titled:

Why Men Are Losing Their Jobs, and Women Are Keeping Them

on a NY Mag blog titled: Daily Intel............ in a comment, is this comment with a link:

While a few sex workers who advertise their services on hung up when contacted by a reporter, one Tacoma escort said business is still good.

"I don't think our business really gets affected," the 27-year-old woman said. "Even when people are broke, they always seem to find the money to indulge in this kind of entertainment."

Zdork, the psychologist and sex therapist, said people do tend to have more sex in times of economic uncertainty. Sex is an inexpensive way to relieve stress, she said, explaining that oxytocin and other feel-good endorphins are released by the brain during sexual activity.

"The sex industry, I don't believe, will be affected quite as much as other industries," Zdork said. "In times of stress, people would rather have sex than shop."

So, following this tinyurl link I arrive at, the New Orleans newspaper online edition (which I subscribe to via email since I love NO....)

As a side published this article in their Entertainment section...not in the CrimeBlog, or, booze, ass, and drugs according to the New Orleans paper of record is Entertainment !

Anyhoo, it seems republished a Seattle Times article titled:

Tough times or not, 'sin industries' prosper

from January 13, 2009 9:55AM

that is referenced up there in purple, which I found in a NY Mag blog.........

But the POINT is that a Tacoma escort says "Bidness is Good".......
A Tacoma escort....
Because I'm sure, that only a Tacoma escort who advertises on Craigslist would go on record about all the SEX in Washington, I smell a set-up by a Seattle Times reporter .....

Tacoma and Sex....goes together like Peanuts and Poison.........

so even tho Zdork the psychologist and sex therapist said ...

"In times of stress, people would rather have sex than shop."

I'd beg of you....forgo some sex, and come and shop with me !

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