Saturday, November 1, 2008

Studs Terkel RIP......

I love reminded me of a big big Tacoma....I started calling Tacoma "The City of Medium Sized Shoulders" honor of the moniker Chicago has......"The City of Big Shoulders"........
I went there in 2004 with my galfriends, Kelly and Ann.....I convinced them to go to The Goth Convergence was so much fun.....and they made it a wonderful time!
We had to change planes in SLC and who should be there on his way to Chicago..But Piss Pants Ray....that's right....Ray Corpuz....

Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Tacoma's Corpuz is fired
Divided council's decision on city manager follows Brame case fallout


TACOMA -- Trying to get past the murder-suicide of police Chief David Brame and his wife, a divided City Council voted yesterday to fire City Manager Ray Corpuz Jr., who promoted Brame to chief despite warning signs that he wasn't fit for the job.

Corpuz, on paid leave for nearly two months, had been criticized since the April shootings that shocked Tacoma and spurred investigations into the inner workings of the police department and City Hall.

So when I read that Studs Terkel died, who was a graduate of University of Chicago Law School, in 1934, I thought of this song. I think of the working class all the time...them's my people. I think of how Tacoma used to have a law school, which is one of the reasons why Tacoma was a great city. You can't be a great city without a law's unAmerican.
So, all Tacoma has left is condos and the waterfront.
And Chicago has lost Terkel, but still has Obama, who taught Constitutional Law in that same University.
And I think I'd rather have a president who teaches Constitutional Law, as opposed to a president that shits on it for corporate profits and thereby shitting on the working class.......and you.....who are working class, whether in a blue collar or white collar job.....if you ain't Independently wealthy you are working class, sister.
And that's how I get from Studs to Working ...........Ray Corpuz to Obama and another reason to vote Obama on Tuesday.
Choose carefully the people who run your life.....Ray Corpuz was a disaster for Crystal Brame and her children, a disaster for Tacoma's police (Unionized !!), and Corpuz is cut from the same cloth as Sarah Palin. Power mixed with stupid is a powder keg. Don't touch that match!