Sunday, September 28, 2008

Register to vote, Where to vote, Eat Pie

Here's where to go for Where's My Pierce County Voting Place Dude...and I need to change my address/register to vote.....links. Please notice that the WA website at the Secty of State page has a nice big graphic for online voting needs.............But...It took me more than 3 minutes to find Pierce county's website link, from the home page of P.County........ just to Get my polling place address...but I'd like to take this moment to remind you that Pierce County begins with Pie........yummmy!

hey Webmaster....Why'd ya hide the link......Once you get to the Pierce county voting page....I got there by putting "vote" in the search box from the main page, & then I got a long list of polling places, but over on the upper right hand side is the link to find your place. It's convoluted, and geeky. If you are old, and don't do computers, good luck finding it. Hey, not everyone is a 29 year old whiz kid. This technology is not friendly to those of us who are um, old school. Chew on dat, Chew on Dat.