Saturday, September 20, 2008

The prettiest Kimono.....

Found in a local estate.....I don't know how it got to Tacoma...I don't know the story.....

What Tacoman was in Japan in the 20s? A sailor? A merchant? A tourist?

Now on ebay........

Silk Floral Flapper 20s Taisho Romance Art Deco Kimono

Beautiful bright colors of hot pink, golden chartreuse, cornflower blue and black in a floral and foliage design. Taisho Romance style.

When looking at Japan’s long history, it’s easy to consider the brief 14 years of the Taisho period (1912-26) as a mere footnote. The emperor, Yoshihito, did not play an active role due to a lifetime of ill health. Yet during his brief reign, he sat as figurehead of a country reeling between the onslaught of foreign influences during the Meiji period and the radical conservatism and patriotic fervor that grew before World War II. In fact, the Taisho period was a fascinating and pivotal time,
an amalgam of contradictory social forces of East and West that saw the Japanese question their self-identity. Much of this was poignantly reflected in the lifestyles, fashion and arts of the time.

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