Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This week on the eVintage Society Blog tag - be sure to check out for her picks and pans about the weekly topic of…..
Lets talk halters!
1)Show us your favorite halter dress or top in your inventory (if you don’t have one, show us one another eVintage member has!)
Here's one I made ! it's on etsy. the long straps go around the neck and come around and tie

2)Marilyn rocked the halter bodice back in the 50s, but it came back big in the 70s…..which is your favorite era for the halter?
Well what's not to love about Marilyn...but in the 70s I was young and good looking...and wore this! it's also on etsy....

3)Bare backs are vulnerable, what’s your suggestion for protecting skin from the sun?
I'm gonna try some of that new Spray On sunscreen.....and lucky me, I have a husband that will be pressed into service...but those who go stagette, I suggest shade, a tall cool drink and shine when the patio lights come on.....

4)Halter as top or dress, whats your preference?
I like tops and dresses.....

5)A bra can be a challenge… suggestion for support?

I only wear a halter if it has a bra inside...of some sort. boobs are nice, but the girls must stand up and not slump....not an attractive look !

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