Monday, May 5, 2008

I have to drive or take the bus to get food...

So one of my favorite subjects I am just on the verge of researching is....
what will it take to get a great market in or near downtown Tacoma....

Yes, I love shopping at the hilltop's Safeway, or at the Albertson's on Pacific & 38th. I also stop in at Staydumb Thriftway, Fred Meyer, or Marlene's, and sometimes I go all the way up to The Disneyland store....Metropolitan Market !
I really want to see a store in these parts between Stadium Thriftway, Albertson's and that Safeway. I don't see any reason why there can't be a store in that triangle, and close to downtown.
And can the Co-Op settle in downtown?

Here's how dumb I am now.....when stores are multi-story, how do people get their shopping carts from one floor to the other? Do they build humongous elevators? It's been so long since I was in a big-city store, I honestly can't remember !
I'm starting here with the article in today's NY Times.....and then I'll do a cost analysis, just slightly less comprehensive than an MBA would do....just so you know you'll get your money's worth from funkoma vintage..and her sassy blog.

"Even Kings and Queens are facing their own food crisis. Kings and Queens Counties, that is.

A continuing decline in the number of neighborhood supermarkets has made it harder for millions of New Yorkers to find fresh and affordable food within walking distance of their homes, according to a recent city study. The dearth of nearby supermarkets is most severe in minority and poor neighborhoods already beset by obesity, diabetes and heart disease."