Friday, April 11, 2008

Yup Going to Portland's a theme....

in my life........I am so bored/mad/disappointed with Tacoma.
But here's a bit of gossip.
True, the city, I presume, cleaned my alley, clipped the berries, picked up the garbage, pulled 99% of the floaty plastic bags (lets' Ban Them !!!)........

Now the ParkingLotZamboni is cleaning and looking funny.

Crews of JD's have cleaned the streets around my Hood.
Now, I wonder.....Why. Because LeMay on something.....
What was it again???? oh yeah.

Temple of Old Autos.
And.....many of the Potholes on STW got filled.
Hey, Jake !! If you had anything to do with all the activity in my Hood.
Thanks !!!
if not. Why Not !!!!
Since I'll be in Portland, I'll tell Jan to tell Julie I said Hi !!!
And the red barn door was slid the New Frontier.......
come on get busy.

Oh yeah, the Rascal Flatt's people and fans were very nice.
Quiet. Polite. and Clean.
Yippie. Coming soon.......Wild to Mild !!
Mmmm. what's going on? Is it kinda like......the only reason South Tacoma/Lakewood
(Lakewood??) got a train station from Sound Transit, is to hook up with visitors to Ladenburg's Glutton Golf Course?????
you thought I didn't notice, didn't you.

On to me.
It's my blog.
Last time I was in Portland.....I had a cold.
I had a runny nose. I sneezed and sneezed.
I had flaky skin on my red nose. And my eyes were bloodshot.
So, of course, I had to meet and re-meet Jan & Jon's friends.
this time I"m well.
And Clean!!
Hopefully I'll be more attractive.

And I'm closed until April 17. At Noon till 6.
Third Thursday. I'm installing new shelving, and

I have new art.