Saturday, February 23, 2008

Izenmania Asks a Question....More about Steve

The reason Steve was able to do what he did is because of his day job. I have not met anyone else in Tacoma, besides me & Mark, that would open their walls to almost any art that cared to be with us, no commission. They always are worried about Upsetting the Man In Dockers and as you can guess, If it doesn't offend someone , it ain't art!!

Now I have seen some gallery owners who have put on FABULOUS events...but, money was always a consideration, when IT doesn't have to be.....I call it the Russell Effect. Somehow, Tacoma now believes there has to be a profit motive.

Sure Steve coulda made Bank off the gallery.....(thanks to Kelly, Mark & got to happen) but he spent his money on have draw people to that end of the street.......and to feed his art machine..........

A few friends of mine are always trying to put something together, we are always thwarted by money. But for Riley, no one, no other Landlord has done anything outta the goodness of their hearts.......

Don't hold your breath....will someone who has money step up as a service to the art community?
Mark and I our art-funky friends don't have money...but we have art hanging here for a no-commission.....and we do have folks come in for a look see....and buy.
And I closed the shop I could concentrate on making art and collecting materials....a huge hit to my personal bank account...small anony art grant... not withstanding.

And remember ....avant garde and outsider art and guerrilla art and weird quirky art isn't understood in Tacoma....not much not yet. Look at how much crap di Nino got for the Heads Rolling.......And this is Tacoma.....I'm still pissed about the Dome committee rejecting Andy F'n Warhol......oh and now.....Steve is our Andy....yeah, claim him!

yes I will continue to talk about Steve for a long time...I have a lot to say.
and as I predicted, NOW, "friends" are coming out of the woodwork. I can count on one hand and half those people who befriended him....and it isn't who you might think it is. That is pissing me off. And I'm sure it is irritating some of the small voyeurs of this esteemed blog.

Especially one person in particular. And see, this is an ART Project right here, baby!! Did you get it? Don't worry, I often don't either. But I still show up, I still stare, I still think.....

Hey Aaron, thanks for jumping on the challenge....I called bs on bs....and I always will.
Because Art Saves Lives.....Art is Worth Dying For.