Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tacoma Winterfest .....What a Feeling !

Working furiously to craft the specialness that is funkoma.....plans are that my daughter Annie will come man the funkoma vintage booth with me December 13.....yippie....Annie and I used to do shows together when she was a baby/toddler/young'en. And she was an integral part of our Organic Farm and when we used to sell at the Gig Harbor Farmers Market in the early 90s.
She took this picture...I love it.....

Here's a very small sample of the kinds of things that will be with us at the show.......
Handmade T shirt dresses and tops.....

Winter coats....

Men's Vintage

For the home

Random Jewelry

Kid's vintage

Party !

For the home and for Fun!

And here's the official Tacoma Winterfest is it pretty....

angela asks for this.....Help Out !

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thank You !

It's early....the house is quiet...I'm baking yams and making a peach cobbler. the funkoma's are spending the day with friends and family....about 20 of us. I think about history,progress, the lovely earth, and meeting and eating on this day. I live just few blocks from the site of the first sawmill in Washington.
On April Fool's Day 1852, Nick Delin was preparing the ground for industry. After he smoothed out the ground around what is now Twenty-fifth and Dock streets in Tacoma, Delin hired Sam McCaw, a young Irishman who lived near Steilacoom and had a team of oxen, to drag the foundation timbers into place.1979, Murray Morgan

Situated on scenic bluffs that were home to the Puyallup Tribe and other native peoples for millennia, the city possesses a natural harbor admired by the sound’s earliest Euro-American explorers.

The Puyallup River flows from the slopes of Mount Rainier and enters Puget Sound in a broad delta at the head of a bay. The Puyallup tribe had several settlements on the delta and they called the area that would be Tacoma Squa-szucks. The natives fished, hunted, and trapped and never had to go far to earn their livings.

This is Broadway, where the shop is. Not much has changed.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Luxury .......Vintage Style with Silk Velvet....

Textile historians don't really know the date when silk velvets were first made and traded but they were carried along the fabled Chinese Silk Road that ran to and from Italy in the 12th century.

Romans likely first encountered silk in an expansion campaign against the Parthians in 53 B.C. The Romans kept exploring into what we know today as China. Trade was brisk between Asia and Persia and also with Egypt and around the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Chinese silk fabrics were traded in Venice as early as the 9th century, and the velvet manufacturing center of the world eventually became Florence, Venice and Genoa. These city-states dominated velvet manufacturing, as did Siena and Lucca until the 19th century.

In Persian textile history during the 11th and 13th centuries, silk brocades and velvets were used for clothing and home decoration elements.

We likely all know that blue "jeans" takes its name from Genoa, which made the wonderful indigo dyed cotton fabric. Velvet is an Italian word made from "vello", meaning fleece, and "velluto", meaning velvety or fleecy.

The way velvet catches the light, and seems to change color with every movement, it captivates royals and servants alike. When we think of festive fabrics and clothes, velvet always comes to mind. Silk is a traditional fabric of luxury and silk velvet is an especially alluring combination of shine and softness exuding drama and splendor.

Before WWII silk was quite common in American fashions because of our trade with China and Japan. Silk fabrics were produced in New Jersey during the 1800's. The US industry then had to look for silk substitutes, leading to the invention of nylon, as well as the increased use of older "synthetic silks", both rayon and acetate.

Silk velvet is a rather sheer and luxurious fabric and a joy to see, to feel, and to wear. Featuring design elements of the late 30s and early 40s, these 2 silk velvet dresses are in wonderful large sizes!

30s 40s Ruby silk velvet party M L dress

30s 40s Blue sapphire silk velvet XL gown

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What's New?

Oh, vintage .....not new.....But new to You........

Cashmere & Mink coat, Beaded & Sequin sweater, Full skirt & Crinolines......
50s and 60s Men's Jackets.....
I'm pretty sure I have the best darn selection of men's vintage in Tacoma......
and you were thinking "What shall I wear for Thanksgiving Week ? "

at the shop now....vintage jackets and other lovelies.......
Cashmere coats, Western shirts and Great Jackets and Sweaters also.....
Tux jackets, Velvet jackets and Frilly shirts......

Sunday, November 16, 2008

SOTA...Art, Fun & Music

Saturday the 15th........So we went to the SOTA Theater to see Our Town by Thornton Wilder
.....acted by some preternaturally talented young folks.....superb!
It's a little play with all the big subjects in it.
-- Thornton Wilder in a letter to Gertrude Stein, 1937

It was also John's birthday (14 !!!) so we went.......... since , you know me, I love the arts!
I've vowed to see more live hell with the budget......

I'm doing my part to A) Pump the Economy.....and B) Support the Arts.......

And now, it's your turn.

So much to do in Tacoma now. It used to be: bowling, homework, and a bath on Saturday. Not no more!!
I really wanted to go to The Helm show.....but alas.
And music and booze was at The Tempest.
And I'd like to just point out that neither SOTA, The Helm, The Tempest.....were here for 23 years after I moved here........How did I survive? How did my children grow up and not become crackheads?

So for John's birthday, we did more sedate activites......ate Sushi.......he got a brand new VINTAGE Polaroid camera........

...... children are a drag.....what with birthdays and Washington State Liquor laws being what they are......
I grew up in my mom's bar....surrounded by drunks, drinking, bar food eating, and bad words and it didn't do me a bit of harm.
Made me Salty tho.
It's just asinine to keep kids away from venues where music is played.....and booze is drunk......if the kids are with the parents.........
Hells Bells.....that happens right here in Tacoma, at home, in front of the children everyday.
And in Spanaway too........A little Metallica....A little Red bull/Vodka/Schmidt Ice.
Now that Obama is our president (almost..) maybe we can become more cosmopolitan.......more in love with life.......celebrate more......hate less..........

Winterfest is coming up!!!!!

When I got the artlist email looking for vendors I sent back an application immediately asking for 3 spots. Looks like I won't be setting up there since no one has accepting my app. Here's the info......
angela asks for this.....Help Out !

And here's the official Winterfest Tacoma is it pretty....

Here's a list of vendors.....can't wait !

Here's a sneak peek at a few of the vendors who will be at Tacoma Winterfest:

Ruby Collections -
Remy, Rocks & Rhinestones -
Calla Lily Designs -
Winged Zebra -
Green Goat Art -
Dancing Monkey Jewelry -
Word & Picture Communications co. -
Tacoma Photographic Society -
The Seven Muses -
Dalin's Glass Blown Design -
Barter Tacoma -
Sanford & Son Antiques -
Mad Hat Tea Company -
Artist Desiree Flerchinger -
DeSantis Designs -
The Brown Woodshop -
Fashion Association of Tacoma (F.A.T.) -
The Shoe Show -
Embellish Multispace Salon -

Hi Claudia,
I replied to the Winterfest vender app way back in October (see below)
I emailed Angie and see suggested I contact you. I would like to know if my app was rejected or approved. Winterfest is right around the corner and I am concerned because as an artist and business owner, planning ahead is so important.
Tressie Schindele
funkoma vintage
712 Broadway


Tacoma Winterfest Vendor Application

When: Saturday Dec. 13 Noon to 10 pm and Sunday Dec. 14 Noon to 8 pm.

Where: Foss Waterway Seaport, 705 Dock Street, Tacoma, WA 98402

We ask that vendors set up between the hours of 8 and 10 am on Saturday
and not pack up until 8 pm on Sunday.
Please initial here that you agree to do this __TS__

Date of application __Oct 21, '08__ Your name
______Tressie Schindele_________

Friday, November 14, 2008

Kids Like Vintage too.....

Moms, Dads , Grandmas and Grandpas, aunties and vintage because it is cute, and fun, and is always the right price. And we are 2 blocks from the Link Train, and a bunch of bus routes that end on Commerce !

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's Vibrant on Antique Row !

Buying Vintage....acquire know, a Locashop.......

that's us! A huge shout out to our customers.....Thanks for buying local ! We have the Urban Village you bought a Condo for....we are the experience you wanted.....
You can furnish your home, buy gifts and clothe the family body...Right here, right now.
Well, we're open till 6 or 7 every day....we can't pull up downtown all by gotta help us...

Buying vintage is THE GREENEST ! No need to buy something from another me folks.....we scrub and spank and search the West Coast to find you all the things you need for your home, your wardrobe and

Yes!! & for the HOLIDAYS !

a small sample of what's inside Amocat and funkoma vintage......

from the News Trib.....
The downtown retail environment might well be better than it was even just two years ago – as an indication, a collection of shops has sprung up near the University of Washington Tacoma campus. The other end of Pacific offers a few retail stores. But more must be done to make it a vibrant shopping district, said Dominic Accetturo, associate vice president of the commercial real estate agency GVA Kidder Mathews in Tacoma.
....When he looks to sell in Tacoma, Accetturo talks about the qualities of running a shop downtown, including a good amount of foot traffic. But the problem is, barely any of that foot traffic happens after 5 p.m. or during the weekends, times that need to be busy for retailers to prosper.

“Some retailers have looked downtown, but they are frustrated that others aren’t open after 5 p.m.,” Accetturro said.

But there have been improvements, including some businesses and bars opening late and other businesses renovating. Tacoma has potential, and retailers and landlords need to work to realize it, he said. Until then, it’s hard to compete with other areas, and shops rely on the strengths they have.

So a happy, helpful face behind the counter is not enough. Putting low prices together with service is how locally owned shops downtown hope to compete to get shoppers who are already planning to spend less.

Dragonfly’s Shellenberg recently returned from a trip to Shanghai and brought the question straight to her vendors half a world away.

“I went to the vendors, and they knew about the economy,” she said. “I asked, ‘I have 20 bucks, what will you sell me?’”

The answer is what her new store will be stocked with for the holidays: Asian jewelry for cheap, including $15 pearls.