Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thanks Volcano, for writing smartly....

about the scam that is Community Based Policing/Services...Weed & Seed.
It should always be: #1 is Social Services, #2 is a Clean Sweep.
People always put these things in the wrong order.
Help for business owners and homeowners, renters and citizens is very important for quality of life in the Urban density cities, to be sure! But, until we fertilize the underfed roots of crime and poverty, drug use and prostitution, we will not grow the Flower Of Beauty in The City.... a flower...a garden of flowers!
This is why I don't much applaud "Taking Back" "Night Out" and other such white middle-class semi-efforts to "reclaim" the streets.....
they don't really work, and if they "work" they just push bad stuff to someone else's n'hood. And that ain't nice!

I was taking law classes at the time the City was choosing a new replace Pee Pants Ray.....and I went to all the public Q&A's for the 3 top candidates...I knew who Tacoma would choose. He was the slickest of the Snake Oil Men....and since he came from DesMoines, I-o-Way.....I have a friend in DesMoines.....and she told me all bout the shallow efforts .....same, bistros, bars and no cars......that Tacoma now gots......I knew it was coming...when the anonymous blogger-pal asked about my thoughts on the 1/2 crime reduction plan...I just rolled my knowing eyes!!

I just spent a half hour chatting with "Jim & Kathy" who used to live in Stadium-area apartments until about 10 years ago,before they had a child. They are Tacoma natives. They've seen it all. They now live in Graham.
They told me of more crime and homelessness! homelessness and crack and meth sales/addicts....and the activities that go along with it.....
showing up near the Roy Y.....near S. 176 th!!
That's what I mean.
And the mess around 72nd and Portland near KMart.
Sure, it ain't downtown anymore, but there are still huge problems.
Until we fund social services properly....and truly help to Rise the Tides to Lift All Boats.....we are not really good citizens.
All I gotta say is.....He ain't heavy.....he's my brother.

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