Thursday, May 1, 2008

Here's one reason why people laugh at Tacoma


Heather said...

Thank you so much for saying what I was thinking. I was trying to decide if I should follow my mother's directive, "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."

So, I just heard of your store yesterday. Don't close down yet!! Please give me a chance to check out your place and try to stir up some patrons for you. I'll try to come in this afternoon.

Roxanne Murphy said...

I'll swing by this weekend so we can meet and you can develop an understanding of who I am, and all that I try to do for this city.

Take care.


MsNarcissist said...

I did not hear the broadcast, but I have certainly wondered why the "PR Bitty for the City" is promoting Link & Drink and other social events for 20-30 somethings. Maybe she should start taking her job a bit more seriously.

Anonymous said...

hummmmm. Intresting.

Anonymous said...

funkoma is such a great place!!! love it.

Why does she have to understand who you are and what you do? People see what they see. That is their perception of you.

How about you stop by Funkoma and see what she does, understand her and ask her all she does for this city?

Many people work hard to make T-town better, but don't have the media on speed dial. Instead you are their voice.
I would rather you speak about stuff relevant to me, than speak for your issues and then tell me I don't get it afterwards. Then if I disagree you will come by to straighten me out.

propriatrix said...

Oh just see my very public confessional !

propriatrix said...

Aw it's Ok. I'd love you all to come and visit us up here.....many many neat little businesses...But no pity buys allowed!! hug....(dang I can't wait for the New Frontier to open....)

A Concerned Citizen said...

Roxanne did her best without the knowledge that Steve would focus so much on the Russell bid. She is one of our city's finest ambassadors!

Heather said...

Darn, I went by your shop but missed you, or at least the sign by the door said "CLOSED." I'll try again soon.

propriatrix said...

dear citizen...I expressed myself inelegantly....I think that anyone that is employed by the city of t*town in any position that represents the city, has to have some numbers to explain quickly wth and why, Russell means everything to Tacoma...Justify that Russell-Love. I want to know even in Ballpark figures, how much moolah Russell give Tacoma.

They are getting major bucks, so did the condo builders, and Russell and the builders ALREADY have big money.

It's not my job to know how much $$$$ Russell contributes --it isn't Derek or Peter Callaghan's, nor is it (technically) the news tribune's job to know why russell is the be-all of downtown businesses in terms of money in the local economy......It Is Tacoma's Job to Know and To Tell Us, and it damn sure is Roxanne's job to know...something about the most important issue facing downtown ever!
I wanted Roxanne as an Ambassador to say this: Russell contributes XX$$ in direct taxes, and their employees in our area spend about XX$$.......Or I wanted to hear:
I'm sorry Steve I don't have those figures so please contact Mr/Ms. BlahBlah at the city.....& can you put that number on the KUOW website for curious folks?

Shawn Palmer said...

Never mind who Roxanne is personally and the incredible amount of effort, energy, emotion, time and love she puts forth for the city she adores...

What are the chances that ANYBODY would haev available "off the top of their head" specific statistics about anything?

Not that she is absolved of any accountability, even without specific statistics and numbers, she should have been able to speak intelligently about it...oh wait; she did that. In that case, you could take a page from Roxanne's own playbook and make an attempt to bring some positive energy to Tacoma instead of making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Regardless of topic, job description or whatever, people that have the answers were likely privy to the questions first. Do you volunteer to put YOUR reputation (and ego) on the line by going on a radio show and being willing to answer ANYTHING they throw at you?

propriatrix said...

while I will apologize to Rox for mis-stating her Job, she is a big f'n deal in Tacoma and I honestly do believe she should have had something to say besides......I don't please go see my comment on this issue.
I mean the darling Rox is in PR !!! for crying out loud.
Russell is a large if not the largest employer in Tacoma, at least in terms of $$.
If I was paid what she is paid I'd KNOW!!!!!!!!!
About the radio show....Um, dude I did have my own radio show a few years ago......and I'm a published writer, and I testify in court......You don't scare me.
Lawyers don't scare me. Judges don't scare me. Meth heads don't scare me. Tacoma Shitty Council scares me !!!!!
And Shawn, did you catch Dick Marzano on the same radio show? He had an amazing amount of info and stats at his fingertips.....And he's OLD !!
Look, you don't get to be paid big bucks, and have a very vocal, very public job and then get to be excused from competency. A mature person in this type of job should have, at the very least, a set of seemingly plausible "sound bites"....just for situations like the one she was in.
She did have advance notice she was gonna talk about Tacoma On The Radio, and she said many nice things....and gets paid well to do so(have I mentioned that?)
What do you suppose Steve Scher was gonna ask about? He didn't ask about Anything...the specific topic was.....TACOMA !
The big Russell give-away of a billion and twelve dollars is a HOT HOT HOT HOT topic.
I know Rox and I will come to a meeting of the minds. Just because she and I may disagree, doesn't mean we can't respect each other in the long run, after a conversation.
There are a LOT of problems in's not my job to make you feel good, nor is it my job to validate your Lifestyle Choices.
Also, did you not listen to Steph Farber??? He said unpleasant truths about Tacoma, and because he pointed out the warts and the sugar.......things got better!
If it wasn't for people like me, there would be no revived Pantages, no Glass Museum, no Union Station rebuild, no UWT...blah blah......Happy Joy Joy Cheerleading is not enough in these tough times in Urban America.

MJ said...

You don't have to be a cheerleader to be civil.

propriatrix said...

mj,,,,,I am nothing if not civil. And kind. And forgiving. And community-minded.
Civil means not resorting to name calling, which I did not do. Neither did I punch Rox in the nose nor threaten to do so. Disagreement is not by definition, uncivil!
I disagree in very strong terms that she performed, in this instance, poorly. I offered at least 3 suggestions on how to improve her performance in the future. She works for ME ! She's paid by taxpayer money. She is not self-employed. (am I correct about that?)
If she can't take the Heat of Disagreement, she needs to get out of the kitchen. I Think She Can Handle the Heat. I'm betting on it. I'm betting the next time she is Representing Tacoma on Tacoma's Dime, that she will be over-prepared.
And the cheerleading comment was directed at Shawn.