Monday, March 3, 2008

Fashion Is Mostly Boring.....

I haven't been excited about fashion since the 80s.....that was the last decade/time passage that showed some new shape, color combos......blah blah......
it was bound to happen......unless you are Little Edie or Stevie many ways can you wear/wrap/style a dress/skirt/blouse..........

Though I've always dressed my own way....My Body Is A Canvas......

I've been thinking a lot about this subject for a year or 2 or 3.......I'm older now.....and many things I've been loving and wearing for decades are either:
don't feel good,
seem silly on a grandma.

I am curvier than ever.......tho I have just lost the peachy bloom of youth
(it's an illusion's just's just that faker's a temporary phase, girlfriend, Word Up)
I went au naturel in the tub last night I don't care.......others may have been horrified.....and amused .....all at the same time......

So Fashion Is What snotty arrogant people say it is.
Style is as personal as your fingerprint.
I read the big glossy magazines and that's fine....but ultimately boring.
I want to dress like Miss Havisham. I want to wear velvet in July and push-up bras.
Now they call it Steampunk.

What I don't like wearing anymore......and this rather breaks my heart.....
I don't want to wear denim jeans.....I have/had the worlds largest denim jean collection. They don't allow me to move around anymore.......They pinch.
I've been saying for the last few years:
Knits Are My Friend.
They hug all my curves and move with me, not 4 seconds after me.
Although I have a glorious unlined stomach, I look rather silly in a crop top unless I'm at the beach. Same with shorts (well I gave up shorts years ago, unless I'm gardening).

I don't wear heels higher than 2.5 inches.....I get vertigo.
I could really really care less what's the IN fact, the more I see it around, the lesssss I wanna wear it.

At Steve's memorial the other day I wore this:
My favorite Betsey Johnson top with the Guns Print. (Scroll down on this link!!)
A long Morticia-like black knit skirt.
Under that skirt I wore an Art Deco rayon skirt, also long and just a bit of the print poked out of the walking slit that I turned to the front instead of wearing the black skirt the way the maker intended.
Over the Betsey Johnson and the long skirts, I wore a black angora 80s curvy sweater dress. I turned the V neck from the back to the front.......also, not as designed !
Then to relieve some of the black, I wore turquoise shorty 80s cowboy boots. And, my burgundy velvet 60s Edwardian style long coat......I braided my hair and combed the crimp gently for just that excellent romantic look.
I wore olive, black, turquoise, gray and burgundy.

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kathy said...

oh! miss havisham, i love it ;)