Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tacoma: 2nd Place: Amazing Race !


TK & Rachel
Ron & Christina
2nd Place
Nicolas & Donald
3rd Place
Nathan & Jennifer - eliminated
Kynt & Vyxsin - eliminated
Azaria & Hendekea - eliminated
Shana & Jennifer - eliminated
Lorena & Jason - eliminated
Marianna & Julia - eliminated
Kate & Pat - eliminated
Ari & Staella - eliminated
Tacoma-ish Daddy and Daughter came in 2nd in the Amazing Race !!!!
Yeah, boy don't ya know it .
I pretty much stopped watching after Kynt & Vyxsin lost........but I was junkie for a while ?!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I loved the hippies!-Jan

propriatrix said...

Ha ! I wanted to beat up that frat boy and his stinky girlfriend ....and I'm peaceful........Mark thought the hippies wouldn't be able to keep 3 thoughts together...and just wander off and be found weeks later in the Czech republic......