Sunday, October 7, 2007

Dinner Out, Drinking In......

So where have I been? Busy busy busy !
Out to dinner the other night with murph and
The Silver Dollar (funky bad sports bar decor, but amazing food)
on South Tacoma Way...we used our Entertainment Coupons !
Half off.......played pool.....I so suck ...doesn't matter.
Hey big Halloween party.....
Then drinks and pizza at fun fun....munched on that pizza for days.

Then.....out last night to Tacoma Film Fest
for funny films....technical difficulties.....but we saw:

7:50 p.m. School of Arts
Funny Shorts - Eight comedies shown in sequence
The Last Laugh
(Comedy, 6 min, Directed by Gregory Mazzotta)

Too cute ! A chuckie-type plot.

(Comedy, 8 min, Directed by Donald P. Unverrich & Lance Miller)
I liked this one...I sound like these people waaaaay toooo much

The Phone Call
(Drama, 8 min, Directed by Matt Johnson)
Filmmakers in attendance.
I really liked this one ...Amateur DIY, and quite clever ..I loved the goofiness and just simple funniness of it ...adorably cute star!

What's the Scenario?
(Documentary/Comedy, 3 min, Directed by Terese Cuff)
Filmmakers in attendance.
Cute concept. Fresh ! Why do people think precocious kids on sugar and adrenaline are cute? Anyone can have sex, people.

Full Disclosure
(Comedy, 18 min, Directed by Douglas Horn)
Filmmakers in attendance.
Very breezy and clever also...witty reparte ! But it is boring to see a beautiful woman paired with a schlub. I know it's like in real life , but so cliche.

Tile M for Murder
(Drama/Comedy, 9 min, Directed by Kyle Seago)
I'm so sick of the Seagos. And why do yuppies all wear the Uniform? Casual hair, polarfleece, Nikes or a Birkenstock/Born clone shoe, and Mom Jeans ??

Soup Ladle
(Comedy, 11 min, Directed by Cayman Grant)
Great treatment of an old joke for a plot.

The Frank Anderson
(Comedy, 13 min, Directed by Dave Perkal)
Ikky. Perky. Goofy. Great special effects.