Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More Film Fest...More Martinis

More Tacoma Film Fest
I wait for this all year nice of them to choose the time of Tressie Fest !

Tuesday Shorts, a series of 3 short films:

Ray Hill's Prison Show
(Documentary, 58 min, directed by Brian Huberman)

I have studied labor law, capitalism, civil rights, restorative and reconcilliation justice, reparations, mediation, and family law, and, the dichotomy between the modern rise of (narcissistic) feminism and the simultaneous fetishisation and destruction of childhood, so this film was the one I was waiting for ! To say it is transformative, is really an understatement. As Ray and I said, There's only one fight. Do you know what it is?

Lunatic Farmer

(Documentary, 16 min, directed by Chris Warner)

Here's another one I liked a was a bit uneven....more like a family film, unedited, but it sure got its point across.........You Are what you eat, people ! not eat --> people, but eat cleanly. Since I was the first organic farmer in Washington to sell heirloom vegetables and tomatoes as both plants and produce, it was nice to see my flower child philosophy finally becoming mainstream. This is one Co-opting I don't mind!

For All the Marbles

(Children's Adventure, 12 min, directed by Kris Booth)

Awwww, when kids were kids......authentic, playful and cruel. No video games, no technology, just dirt and steel and glass........Some young'ens may have no clue what Red Rover is .....or Green Light, Red Light....having never left the couch except to grab some more Doritos and Coke. At the end I was not surprised to see it was not an American film.

And, another observation: At the October 9th films, I noticed much more diversity in the age group in attendance and in the fashion you may imagine, I don't take fashion lightly.....

I don't mean The Vogue Magazine Runway fashion.......I mean what we wear I see it....and I'll do a whole big blog post on this subject.........Clothes make a very powerful statement.....artistic or not.....utilitarian or not......Just like You are what you eat, you are what you wear.......

Since I bounce back and forth between art and law, design and advocacy, depending on the venue and circumstance when you may meet me, or read me, you could form a half-informed idea of me.....

only a few people know the Whole me.....which is really a very true statement for most people on the planet........I honor dignity and creativity ........and that is what both sides of my interests in life have in common........there is no dignity in a prostitute's costume and no creativity in institutional Standard Operating Procedure.......

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