Thursday, October 25, 2007

Is there crime in Downtown Tacoma?

I'll let you read the BIA blog..... (one would think that with all of us blogging (now) about/in Tacoma, we'd all crash into each other at the corner of 13/pacific!!)
Fact #1
Crime is everywhere.
Fact #2
Corporations commit crimes all the time.
Fact #3
Drug-addled & Mentally challenged people are not just in the street scaring the straights.
Fact #4
Blaming the poor ---- for the problems ---- created by the rich is counter-productive in the long run, but sure creates a stir and is good for more corporate-sponsored "crime solutions".

Really now, if you truly want to reduce crime you have to treat the poor as if they were You......... Just ask ....If I was mentally challenged what would I like in my life to help me live a good life?
and then Do it !
I've listed the tools you need in this post, now you need to make sure the people that you think are causing you problems are helped to solve their problems so that they don't cause you an unending array of problems.
This is called " Being a Good Citizen"
This is a good thing........
of course it was held in my neighborhood and on my birthday....
Coincidence....I think not!


scout said...

Don't quit your day job.

Scout said...

Don't quit your day job.

TressieFest said...

Dear Scout,
I am mad at you for using a pet name of mine. I have a chair named Scout.
What makes you think I have a day job?
Your friend,

Scout said...

Dear Tressie:

Good point maybe you don't have a day job. I guess my point is I'm not sure what your point is here regarding downtown crime. Your links are examples supporting what? That there isn't really crime in downtown and it's just that mean people are against the poor, mentally ill, and drug addicts? And that mean people are all tied to corporations? And that since corporations equal greed, then mean people are greedy to want less crime downtown?

The crime citation you use is almost 10 years old; Crazy Eddy is not a legitimate example of mental illness - Crazy Eddy appears to have pulled off an economic scam. And is the link to the nicotine site to point out the corporate greed of the Tobacco industry and addiction to legal substances? I think it is a bit of stretch to compare Drug dealers and users involved in the horrific meth miasma to smokers. Yes, meth and nicotine are both drugs but then what is your point?

Sometimes crime is just what it appears to be – crime. Crime makes neighborhoods unsafe and makes people not want to visit or live downtown. When people don’t come downtown small business can’t survive, the area becomes or stays depressed, and crime gets worse.

I’m sorry I made you mad. Scout is my nickname that my boyfriend calls me because, like Scout in the book To Kill a Mockingbird, the young girl Scout used to get in fights with the boys at school when she expressed strong opinions. Sometimes my opinions get me into trouble.

PS – sorry about the double post

TressieFest said...

Dear Scout,
You have to remember that most of the time I'm not fully serious. What I am serious about is that crime has happened in dtown ttown for a long time and Cheryl Gorsuch and others, know that. The baby train doesn't cause crime to happen. Other sociological factors do. I am really sick of the "element" being blamed for crime and blah blah dtown. Corporations do nasty nasty illegal unethical things all time. My links are jumping off points for more in-depth study on the issues.
My point is: There are solutions to solving the rowdiness downtown, especially after 8 pm or 2am or whenever. To seriously suggest to charge to ride the baby train as a means to limit crime, is um, just a nonsensical suggestion, as a solution to the very real problems that are downtown. (btw, Pierce Transit considered charging but it cost too much to charge, with bookkeeping and that is a wise gov't decision)
My post was serious.
2 minds may not agree, but I do see cigs and all other drugs as well, drugs,including coffee. It's ok to take drugs...I take aspirin all the time. I used to smoke. I used to smoke marijuana in Hi School. I am just honest about drugs. Tobacco corps are lying hypocrites ..they are drug dealers with the veneer of respectability. It's OK to be a drug dealer, just stop lying about it, is what I ask.
Truth is what it's about.

And since you and I don't have access to "crazy eddie's" medical records it isn't a credible statement that he isn't nutty.....I would suggest that the truth of his life, his criminal activity might suggest as much...
But please put on your Humor Hat, and get involved with solving the social problems, and please encourage others to do so. It is perfectly alright to work for a corporation while being wary of the very company you may work for.....It's a complicated world!
Most of my friends work for Big Northwest corporations and I still love them! friends not the corps!
I am a CASA. Court Appointed Special Advocate. I work with dysfunctional families in Tacoma. That is what I do in my spare time. I am finding solutions to the problems dtown (and everywhere) by taking an interest in those who need help, and trying to help them, and trying to get others to help them in a meaningful way.
Yes I am a Preacher's Kid.
No I'm not really mad at you !(I'd send this to you personally, but I have no email or link for you)If you want to email me at that's OK !
Hey, and whaddaya know! TKAM is my favorite book and movie. It changed my life. I may still go to law school. I'm only 53 !
yr. pal,
(c'mon ...Crazy Eddie was begging for it in the context of my post!)